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Data load and AIXM load

Load AIXM data


You need to have downloaded or get AIXM from your favorite source.

AirNavCAD can load:

Obstacles AD2 and ENR 5.4



Also you can load navaid/waypoints with other file format .dat or .txt because some times there is not AIXM data available.

Format for each line is:

Name   type   lat  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_lon

Bra    vor_dme    430000.0000N 0030000.0000E (use tab to separate items)

ask for more in

Load AIXM data


Click on File and you get different options to load data in the workspace.

To load AIXM:

  • Update file xml Obstacle AD2

  • Update file xml Obstacles ENR 5.4

  • Update file xml Navaids 

  • Update file xml Importants Points

It is very easy to select the file in the next steps and the output tell you that the AIXM has been updated.

Load airport Data


Also you can load Airports but not in AIXM but TXT in the format that you can see in the left image (usetab to separate items):

  • LEXX the name of ICAO of the airport 

  • 0 for ARP

  • 1,2 or more for THRs and create a RWY add 3 or more for more THRs and RWYs

  • Coordinates in Geographical LAT and LON (DEG MIN SEC)

  • Z in meters (m)

You can paste directly from AIP AD2 information.

Also you can create a fictitious RWY to add DER Clear Way etc.

Drawing on workspace


To draw on workspace the data you have previously loaded data on AirNavCAD.

You have to go to ModuloCountry:

And click the data you need.

Draw Navaids from AIXM

Draw ENR5.4 Obstacles from AIXM

Draw AD2 Airport Obstacles from AIXM

Draw significant points

Also you can draw Line Coast.

Drawing on workspace


Also you can draw one of the following things, fill in the data in a wizard:

Navaids, Airport, obstacles and Important point.

Select Draw one Airport: Fill in the data and click finish and the data appears on workspace to draw one airport

Drawing on workspace


Select Draw one navaid: Fill in the data and click finish and the data appears on workspace to draw one navaid.

Drawing on workspace


Select Draw one obstacle: Fill in the data and click finish and the data appears on workspace to draw one obstacle.

Draw obstacles in txt format


Normally we get obstacle data in excel or other formats.

You can use that data to analysis obstacle in the specific analysis of you area. But if you want to see that obstacles drawn on workspace (we recommend less than 100,000)

you can do it:

First you need to have the data in the next format:

Name X(m) Y(m) Z(m) 


Name Lat Lon Z(m) with (Lat and Lon in decimal format)


Name Lat Lon Z(m) with Lat and Lon in format DegreeMinSec

for example 445010.22N 0025225.2E 

you need to use Tab to separate items.

Draw obstacles in txt format

load obstacles geo.png

Next step is click on 

Load Obstacle Data Base utm/geo

and select your file.

Comment on obstacles AIXM format

load obstacles geo.png

Draw ENR 5.4 obstacles and Draw AD2 Airport obstacles only load one name for one obstacle. The loading expect one name and one obstacle.

But sometimes there are some AIXM with one obstacle name  with a group of obstacles, if this is your case select Draw another aixm as obstacle.

The output is going to tell you how many obstacles have been drawn on the workspace, so if you expect more it could be the reason.

Look for data


One time you get the data on workspace you can look for some data by name with the quick search in the right up corner.

If you click on that the workspace is going to be placed on that element.

Useful to look for navaids or obstacles.

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