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Andrés Felipe Calderón Valverde, Aeronautical Engineer (UPM)

Engineer Aeronautical by the University Polytechnic from Madrid.

He studied engineering Computer Science at the National Distance University (UNED)

As a professional experience, he has worked for various Spanish public companies dedicated to the world of aviation, such as SENASAAESAISDEFE, INECO and ENAIRE.

He is an expert in the Pans OPS 8168, 9906, and 9905 AR documents in which he has developed his entire professional career.

Program certifiers 

AirNavCAD PANS-OPS Software has been validated following ICAO document 9906 (Quality assurance manual for the design of flight procedures) by aeronautical engineers. Consult us to know more .

Tested by Aeronautical Engineers.

Our testers are other aeronautical engineers who focus on the testing of pans ops, since the netbeans platform gives us such confidence and guarantee that we only focus on what we really care about, which are the pans ops.

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