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  • When I need AirNavCAD?
    You are Flight Designer Procedure you want to do Holdings, Reversal or base Turns, OAS, Sbas APV, VNAV quickly in an easy way and not lose time in fillin data you dont need it. You want the parameters appears because we are designers and we dont belive in magic, You want to analysis obstacle data from your own data, aixm data or DEM data, in an easy way. AIXM could be done as demand because we know how to do it, but we also know that not everybody needs that at the initial stages. Really do you want to pay 40k for other programs instead of trying AirNavCAD? a spanish team of aeronautical engineers have developed it to help people to design in an easy way and at a low price.
  • Is AirNavCAD based on PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168?
    Yes, everything in the program is based on PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168 and icao documents.
  • Do you provide user training?
    Yes, if you get a license I will give you training on the use, also you get the user guide online it is very easy.
  • Would it be possible to obtain a demo of AirNavCAD?
    Yes it's available to get the program running in your preferred browser.
  • Who is behind the programme?
    we suggest going to the section who are we? in the website.
  • Is AirNavCAD to CAD?
    Yes, the program base is a super light cad that permits a basics cad operations (it's not autocad).
  • What representation of the world is used?
    WGS84 UTM representation is used on CAD.
  • Can AirNavCAD export to DXF or KML?
    Yes everything in the workspace can be exported to DXF or KML.
  • Can AirNavCAD import from DXF or KML?
    Yes, you can import from DXF : lines, polylines, circles, arc but not splin, bloks. Yes you can import from KML, points, lines, surfaces.
  • Can I get the parameters of the areas?
    Yes you can get the main parameters in the output, you can save it in a document. Circling Holding/racetrack. Reversal Base Turns. OAS VNAV PBN
  • Can I get the templates from the Holding and reversal turns?
    yes, you can its available.
  • Can I load shapefile from esri format to draw terrain?
    yes, you can. Why is it useful? because you can hide altitudes from a given altitude.
  • Can I load obstacles from a data base or excell format?
    No you have to create a document in txt to load your own obstacles in a format: Name x(utm m) y(utm m) z(m) or Name lat(WGS84) lon(WGS84) z(m) or whitout name if a xyz file from global mapper.
  • Can I evaluate a DEM asci files?
    yes, if the format is UTM. It is recommended only use 5 m or less size cell in small areas (precision areas, final segments etc). Also a square of the limits of the DEM is shown on the workspace to indicate you what zone is going to be analyasis.
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