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STAR conventional



Click on Utilities PANS OPS and select STAR_RADIAL_DME, and the WIZARD appears.



wizard empty.PNG

Wizard appears.

You have to add the points of the start from Initial FIx to IAF.

You can draw Radial segments and Arc DME segments.



If you add points there is selectors you have to choose:

Select point: you must select a point from workspace (with selector tool) and click this button after. If the coordinates have been selected correctly 



You can selected notifications point, navaid, point etc but remember unlock the layer (by default some are locked)



if you correctly select the point, no data is change to Point load.

You have to select the point in workspace and click select point one by one.

After this operation no data change to Point loaded.



If there is a segment with an ARC DME you have to select instead of Radial select DME.

After that SelectDME is activated and as previously you have to select DME on workspace and click on Select DME to load the point.

Remember to unlock the layer of Navaids if you are going to use Loaded navaid, also you can select a point.

After click NoData change to DME loaded.


dme loaded.png

you only have to include the init of the Arc of DME, the next point is considered the end of the Arc.

Check AntiClockWise if the arc is that direction. By default is clockwise.

Finally click Draw.

and close the panel if you require or you can draw another Star or add or delete points from the panel.



The Drawing appears on workspace.

There are a point to discuss:

if the change of the areas (25MN) happen in the middle of one segment the program can do draw well the areas, but if the change happen in the end and beginning of another segment some fixes must be done by hand.

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